Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance

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Welcome to newly elected 2024 GIGA board members:

President: Carlos Prada (University of Rhode Island)

Executive Vice President of Conferences: Jean-Francois Flot (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Executive Vice President of Scholarships/Early Developments: Sadye Paez (The Rockefeller University)

Executive Vice President of External Development/Fund Raising: Joe Lopez (Nova Southeastern University)

Graduate Student/Postdoc representatives: Lisa Mesrop (University of California, Santa Barbara), João Gabriel R. N. Ferreira (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

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Huge thanks to our individual donors and organizational sponsors:

Jack Krebs
Maribeth Glorioso
Shayma Zaidan
Lissa Messing
Emily Schmitt
Erlinda Dumas

Liria Huberv
Andre Weisbrod
Kirk Dotson
Juan Armando Sánchez

In 2024, GIGA became a proud recipient of generous funding from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Project for water quality conservation in the New River in southern Florida (link below):

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Project: New River Biodiversity and Water Quality – Conserving Our Home in South Florida.

GIGA V (2023) Conference

A snapshot of the GIGA Community:

  • Two New Sponge Genomes

    New genome papers are out for Glass Sponges (Hexactinellida)!! This group of sponges is known for their unique silicate skeletal elements and deep-sea reefbuilding activities. Oopsacas minuta has a genome surprisingly devoid of metazoan core genes, while Aphrocallistes vastus is an important deep-sea reefbuilding species. Oopsacas minuta Santini S, Schenkelaars Q, Jourda C, Duchesne M,…

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Funds are currently being allocated to education and training in genomics through graduate fellowship awards.

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GIGA III Conference and Workshop, October 2018

The GIGA III conference was held in Curacao, and featured sessions on a diverse collection of invertebrate genomics research, workshops on computational genomics methods, and poster session at nearby Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity Institute (CARMABI).